Your Makeup Trial – Getting the Most for Your $$$

Your wedding day is looming, and it is now time to book in with your Make-Up Artist for a Wedding Trial. Trials are fantastic for spending time with your make-up artist and really sussing out the exact “look” that you are after for your wedding day. A trial will normally take approx 60-90mins, and this is the time where various eye/lip colours/techniques can be tried. For those brides who are thinking that a trial is unnecessary and they can “play around with the makeup” on the day, this may not be the case, if time does not allow. We meet with our Brides at our Studio, where we have loads of pictures & ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

I have popped some tips below for you to get the most out of your Trial & your $$$!!!

•Wear a zip up or button up shirt to your appointment if possible, so as not to mess up your hair or make-up. Also, make sure your shirt is a similar colour to your wedding dress, as various bright colours will reflect onto the face, and you wont get a “true” look at the finished product.
•Be vocal. Don’t be shy about what you want! Bring pictures from a magazine of a look that you might want to try.
•Be honest! Let us know your likes and disklikes. We are able to offer ideas and alternatives to suit your look. We encourage our brides to let us know if there are any changes to be made, so that we can PERFECT the look you are after! It can be something as minor as adding gloss over a lipstick that will make you look in the mirror and say “THAT’S IT!! ITS PERFECT!! I LOVE IT!” (I know, because lots of our brides use that phrase often…haha!!).
•Be alert! Let your us know in advance about any skin allergies you may have, so precautions are taken, and the appropriate products are used.
•Facials and waxing should be done no later than 1-2 weeks before the “big day” to avoid adverse skin reactions (we have seen some very nasty skin reactions on some of our Brides wedding days, and it is not pretty!).
•Bring along your earrings (if you have them) to the trial, as they can often help you visualise what you will look like on your wedding day. (Same goes for the wedding veil or fascinator too).
•I encourage our Brides to have their hair trial on the same day, so you can see how both the hair and makeup work together to create the look that you are visualising.
•Enjoy being pampered! This is a great opportunity for you to learn about what type of make-up and skin care works for you – it is not often that you get a fantastic chance to spend time with a professional who wants to see you looking your best, and can offer some real guidance about what products would be best of your skin.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have about your Wedding Make-Up – contact me at KJ Artistry!
Kylie-Jane xx