Makeup Break-up

A huge choice of lipsticks, eyeliners and moisturisers might be a wonderful thing, but keeping too many old makeup items, means their efficiency starts to deteriorate.  We tell you when its time to ditch your outdated cosmetics, and head to the shops to buy new ones!
We often throw out old items, and so should you. Why? Because keeping cosmetics for too long renders them ineffective and may cause your skin to react badly.
Here are some basic rules to follow for knowing when to ditch some items:
  • It it starts to smell
  • If the texture changes. If a lotion looks too thick or too thin, dries out or becomes grainy, it won’t work effectively.
  • If your foundation looks muddy rather than radiant. It should last for about three months. After that you should toss it.
  • If its colour changes. If your red lipstick is now a pale shade of orange, its s too much sun and its ready to replace.
  • Toss eyeshadow the second it starts to dry out or become flaky.
  • When mascara starts sticking to the brush, it will clump your lashes and could even cause infection. Make sure you replace it every three months regardless.
  • Eyeliner pencils can be sharpened, which means they can last until the entire pencil has been used. If its a liquid liner, however, follow the same rule as with mascara.
  • With sunscreen, toss when the formula starts to separate. It means it won’t work properly , and that’s a risk you shouldn’t take with any sun-protection formula (SPF).
HINT:   Choose a moisturiser with a pump applicator. They’re airtight and less likely to attract germs and bacteria.
If in doubt – Throw it, Don’t risk it!!
Kylie x
KJ Artistry